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Designated FacilityMembrane Bio Reator Detour

Team Aquatic has always been there for us ensuring our drinking water and waste water is properly managed and safe.  They keep us up to date, and are always there for us in an urgent situation.   We have always found them to be extremely honest, and operate with the utmost of integrity, providing practical useful advice and support.

- Mark Diamond, Owner/Director -

Designated Facility – Children’s Camp

Camp Trillium has partnered with Team Aquatic since 2003. We are continually impressed by the professionalism and care to attention they have given our project. Team Aquatic has been efficient, knowledgeable and helpful in meeting our water management needs. Thank you Team Aquatic!!!

- Marci Shea-Perry, Executive Director -

Mobile Home Park

I have great confidence in Team Aquatics.  They have served our mobile home park water system for the past 7 years.  Their professional service has involved the installation of the latest technology and equipment and the maintenance of the system to satisfy the Ontario government requirements.  They have always been kind and pleasant to work with and they do quality work.

- Terrell Heard, Owner -

Residential Community

On behalf of both the Board of Directors and homeowners of Wentworth Standard Condominium Corporation No. 363 I would like to commend your staff and company for serving us over the last five years.

TEAM aquatic has provided a contract that was unmatched by any of our other supplier quotes based on the type of service and pricing and was able to work with the relevant agencies on our behalf to reduce our costs over the length of the contract by reducing unnecessary testing and other time consuming protocols.

TEAM has been a valuable asset to the Board of Directors with regards to budgeting and assistance during any situation, which they always respond to in a timely manner.

The Board of Directors would recommend TEAM Aquatic for your water and/or wastewater system.

- Richard Dilda, President -

Resort/Golf Club

For over a decade, ClubLink Corporation has worked closely with TEAM Aquatic Management to manage the sewage and water works at ClubLink’s resort, residential and golf course properties.  TEAM consistently provides ClubLink with a level of service that is reliable and timely and we know that technical support is only a phone call away.  We appreciate the resourcefulness of TEAM’s staff and their ability to bring cost efficiencies to our operations.

- Wendy Burgess -

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our servicesPlanning, building and maintaining your treatment system will be much easier, with support from the professionals at TEAM Aquatic Management.


lagoonTeam Aquatic has extensive experience in operating numerous types of wastewater treatment systems.

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