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Koester Team Aquatic has extensive experience in operating numerous types of wastewater treatment systems.These include:


Membrane Bio-Reactors (MBRs):

Koester Canada Containerized Membrane Treatment Plant

Not only do we have extensive operational expertise with numerous different membrane technologies, we build and install them as well! No company in this market can match Koester Team Aquatic's combination of hands on day to day operational and design experience with decentralized membrane treatment plants.  Membrane Filtration is an effective and economic treatment process when high effluent quality is required. The MBR system operates by micro-filtering the water and removing all pollutants to produce an effluent which is fully disinfected and nitrified, and contains low phosphorous concentrations when combined with chemical treatment.



Conventional Extended Aeration Activated Sludge:

Team has operational expertise involving extended aeration activated sludge systems. These systems are intended to minimize design costs for waste disposal from small communities, tourist facilities, or schools. This type of system is a complete mix system and provides biological treatment for the removal of biodegradable organic wastes under aerobic conditions.




Team has operational expertise involving Biofiltration. These systems are based on a sewage water trickling process over a filter medium creating an ideal environment for microbial attachment. Applications of such systems range from single households to commercial establishments. In our experience, this technology offers advantages for seasonal operations, such as clubhouses, schools etc.




Sequential Batch Reactors (SBRs):

Team has operational expertise involving Sequential Batch Reactors (SBRs).  These systems offer a compact design with a large scale treatment capability. All biological treatment phases occur in a single tank and treat sewage effluent to a very high standard.



Recirculating Sand Filters (RSFs):

Team has operational expertise involving Recirculating Sand Filters (RSFs). An RSF system is based on sewage effluent flowing through sand filter consisting of coarse sand or similar media that encourages biological growth.  These systems are capable of large scale treatment and are adaptable in areas where the soil is not suitable for in-ground tanks.



Rotating Biological Contactors (RBCs):

Team has operational expertise involving Rotating Biological Contactors (RBCs).  An RBC consists of a series of closely spaced, parallel discs mounted on a rotating shaft which is supported just above the surface of the waste water. Microorganisms grow on the surface of the discs where biological degradation of the wastewater pollutants takes place.



Facultative Lagoons with Spray or Direct Discharge:Lagoon-w-spray-irrigation

Team has operational expertise involving Facultative Lagoons. These systems are comprised of ponds which systematically consume industrial and/or domestic waste. A system comprised of such lagoons requires adequate retention of wastewater before treatment is complete. Depending on location, a direct or spray discharge system is used to dispose of the processed effluent.


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