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Making it easy for you – from planning to performance monitoringOur Services

Planning, building and maintaining your treatment system will be much easier, with support from the professionals at TEAM Aquatic . We’ll take the time to understand and address your specific concerns and needs.

We offer a complete range of worry-free water treatment solutions:

Technical Assistance

We know small-scale water treatment systems inside and out

We have extensive experience in developing a wide range of water and wastewater treatment units. Look to us for assistance with site assessment, permitting and regulatory requirements, system design, and technology selection, as well as for automated process controls and compliance monitoring. Our experience will assure you of practical, reliable and cost-efficient technical solutions for every water and wastewater treatment situation.

The right solution is your peace of mind

Count on us to assess your service demands and site conditions carefully and correctly. Our experienced technical advisors will help you to apply a proper design with the most appropriate technology to keep your system operating at optimum performance levels. For your peace of mind, we offer third-party certification to validate the appropriateness of our designs and technology selections.

Most important to you, we’ll be right there to help represent your interests when agency regulators come calling. Supported by credible scientific data and our practical knowledge of all associated regulations, you’ll remain on solid footing to respond confidently to agency inspection inquiries.

Licensed Operators

Properly designed small-scale treatment systems will consistently achieve their optimum levels of performance when operated and maintained properly.

Team Aquatic Management operators are uniquely qualified to ensure that the systems they oversee are contributing to a worry-free environment for our clients. As small system specialists, they understand the operating parameters of each component and follow appropriate preventative maintenance practices, as prescribed by the manufacturers.

Having around-the-clock service protection for your treatment system doesn’t need to be cost prohibitive, when you choose Team Aquatic as your environmental partner.

Get 24-hour coverage cost efficiently

As part of our personalized operator service, we’ll incorporate automated process controls, performance sensors and cautionary level alarms, so that our operators can maintain a close watch on your system, without the expense of having them on your site constantly. Along with the cost savings of our remote monitoring services, you’ll also have the confidence of knowing that our operators will be on site when necessary.

Operations Support

Wouldn’t it be comforting to know that you can operate your own water treatment system and still have the experts at Team Aquatic  on hand for advice and support when you need them?

Quality testing you can rely on

Look to our water quality specialists to help you develop a cost-effective system testing protocol that will comply with all regulatory requirements. Better yet, wouldn’t you prefer the confidence of knowing that all of your water quality testing requirements are being handled by the professionals at TEAM Aquatic?

Our comprehensive testing service is a highly reliable and cost-effective way for you to receive the quality assurance that your treatment system is performing well within all regulatory requirements. For your convenience, performance readings from your system can be automated, with real-time results visible for immediate review on site or by remote access.

Accurate and prompt regulatory reporting

As your system’s water quality program manager, we’ll conduct all on-site sample collection. Samples will be secured and sent to an industry certified laboratory for precision analyses. Laboratory results are promptly posted on our electronic Regulatory Information Management System.

Best of all, TEAM Aquatic technical and compliance specialists will work with you closely in responding to all information requests and inspector enquiries by provincial and municipal regulators. You’ll appreciate the confidence of knowing that your water quality monitoring program is being managed by an experienced partner that fully understands your compliance obligations, while supporting your drive to maintain efficient operations.

Hands-free Operations

Your development requires complex water and wastewater treatment systems. But, you don’t need to learn how to operate them yourself, to be assured they will work efficiently and consistently within regulatory limits.

You’ll have no water worries, when you leave your entire treatment system in the capable hands of an experienced, environmental partner, TEAM Aquatic. From design specifications, technology selection and installation to efficient operation and compliance management, you can be sure that all of your treatment system needs are being handled safely, cost-efficiently and effectively.

Service that centres on you

While you’ll be freed from the daily toil of treatment plant operations, critical performance measures and status updates will remain right at your fingertips. In addition, you’ll have TEAM Aquatic's technical, operations and business management professionals available to support you in any related matter, from continuous improvement planning to unscheduled regulatory agency inspections.

Regulatory Information Management System

Water quality regulation reporting is demanding. It’s a challenge to continuously keep track of the level of testing and reporting details required by each regulatory agency.

That’s why we created our Regulatory Information Management System. It’s available at our Website 24 hours a day and makes government reporting a snap for our clients – and they love it!

No-hassle government reporting

Water quality test results for each treatment site are entered directly into our electronic reporting system, when our technicians receive them from the analytical laboratory. Through our Internet-based system, the information is readily available in a timely manner, as required by provincial regulations. Regulators, your residents and others important to your business will appreciate your diligence in meeting your regulatory responsibilities and publicly reporting your environmental performance.

Best of all, by subscribing to our Regulatory Information Management System, you’ll reap the benefits of promptly and consistently reporting your water quality test results, while leaving the tedious details to us. It’s another worry-free way TEAM Aquatic can help to streamline your water quality treatment operations and costs.

Regulatory Inspection Support

It can be unnerving and intimidating to have a government environmental inspector visit your site. Agency inspectors have considerable authority to ensure you are complying with all of your regulatory responsibilities.

Bring the stress level way down, by relying on the regulatory compliance and technical specialist at TEAM Aquatic. We understand the letter and intent of the regulations that you’re required to meet. We also keep up-to-date on all regulation and policy changes that might affect your water treatment activities. When it comes to protecting public water quality, no one should be surprised.

No surprises and problems solved

You can meet your regulatory obligations and protect your rights and interests.

Let us help you build a responsible and productive relationship with your government regulators, while also managing your limited time and resources carefully.

Government-certified training from the experts

Build your own confidence, as well as your credibility with regulatory inspectors, by completing TEAM Aquatic's water system management educational courses. Developed by experienced system managers, the training units have been certified through the Ontario Ministry of the Environment.

TEAM Aquatic's educational courses are a great way for you to meet the operator training and certification requirements of Ontario Regulation 128, while developing a practical regimen to keep your treatment system operating efficiently and safely.

Whether you’re looking for a hands-free service, or some straight advice, we’ll make sure you always get the best in technically sound and cost-effective solutions.

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