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We have grown our business one client at a time. Call us to discuss how we might help meet your water and wastewater treatment system needs.


TEAM Aquatic                                                                                  Clearford Water Systems

704 Mara Street, Suite 212                                                               100-515 Legget Drive

Point Edward, Ontario, Canada N7V 1X4                                         Ottawa, Canada K2K 3G4

Phone: (519)-542-7900, Toll Free: 800-704-4188                             Phone: 613 599 6474

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Our Services

our servicesPlanning, building and maintaining your treatment system will be much easier, with support from the professionals at TEAM Aquatic Management.


lagoonTeam Aquatic has extensive experience in operating numerous types of wastewater treatment systems.


MBR_Detour_thumbTeam Aquatic has always been there for us ensuring our drinking water and waste water is properly managed and safe.